What Is Anal Bleaching?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and felt self-conscious about certain parts of your body?

I’m not talking about the usual suspects, like worrying about breast size or whether or not you look fat.

I’m talking about your nether regions; specifically your anus.

Many women experience serious feelings of self-consciousness because they fear they have an overly dark anus. This fear makes having intimate, especially oral, sexual relations terrifying.

Has he noticed my dark anus? Will he think there’s something wrong with me? Do I look dirty to him?

These are all things that typically run through a woman’s mind in this situation.

Don’t you wish you could ease these fears for good?

Well now you can…with anal bleaching!

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is exactly what it sounds like; the lightening of your anus. If you’ve never heard of this procedure before, you’re probably wondering “what is anal bleaching?”

Bleaching your anus is done completely for cosmetic reasons. It is used as a way of making the color of your anus more uniform with the surrounding skin.

Anal bleaching was originally used by those in the adult film industry, but grew in popularity with exotic dancers. Then, it slowly made its way into the homes of everyday women.

This phenomenon launched the idea that we were having our most intimate regions scrutinized by men, thus it fueled our insecurities.

Whitening How-To’s

If you are self conscious about the darkness of your skin and want to know how to bleach your anus, you have a few options.

Salon Treatments

Anal bleaching has been a popular treatment in salons for quite some time now. These specialty salons lighten the pigment around the outside of your anus.

Many of these bleaching technicians are seasoned waxers and will make you feel comfortable with being treated in such a private area of your body.

Anal Bleaching Cream

Anal bleaching cream is a popular alternative to salon treatments. If you feel shy about having a stranger become so close to your anus, you can apply anal bleaching cream yourself.

There are a lot of great products on the market. My personal favourite is Intilight.

Using an at-home bleaching agent takes out the awkwardness and makes it a more private experience.

DIY Anal Bleaching

Nowadays it is simple to take a store bought product and replicate it in a more natural, simple manner.

There are several DIY anal bleaching recipes you can try from the comfort of your home, will cost you pennies and will be the most discreet of the options.

If you are embarrassed by the dark coloration of your anus, do something about it. Now that we’ve answered your question “what is anal bleaching?” you can take the next step.

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